Our Team

Jonathan Bombaci

CEO / Principal Owner

Jonathan is the CEO of Millennium Holding Group LLC (MHG).  He will be the Primary Manager of the Buyer Entity. Jonathan works full time as a licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He manages a team of 25+ investor focused agents under the name Candor Realty – powered by the Four Points Brokerage in Haverhill MA. The primary focus of the team is to help investors buy, sell, and manage investment properties MA and NH. He is the primary manager on a 132 unit, $20M, site property in Lowell which was purchased back in June 2021, which is exceeding investor expectations. He owns an additional 85+ units made up of 2-12 unit multi-family buildings in MA and NH. He also owns a property management company that manages over 130 units in the area for his clientele. Accordingly he has a very high level of expertise with regards to multi-family properties, especially those requiring significant rehab work.

Jonathan is a Massachusetts resident and lives locally in Andover MA with his wife and two kids. He is a well-respected real estate professional in the area with deep ties to the community. Jonathan has over 10 years of corporate finance experience working for fortune 100 companies and has owned and managed investment properties for over 10 years. He has strong relationships with agents, brokers, property managers, attorneys, contractors, and other real estate professionals in the area.

Todd Wheatley

Investor Relations / Principal Owner

Todd is a principal member of Millennium Holding Group LLC (MHG) and is directly involved in the acquisition, stabilization, and ongoing management of our current and future holdings. Todd is a licensed real estate agent and manages a team of five investor-focused agents covering the Greater Boston area as part of the Candor Realty Group – powered by Four Points Real Estate in Haverhill, MA. Todd’s real estate experience spans nearly 10 years and includes single family fix-and-flips, short-term vacation rentals, condo conversions, as well as owning and operating rental properties in Ohio and Massachusetts. He is also a general partner on a $20M+ commercial multi-family syndication deal in Lowell, MA.

Todd currently lives in Waltham, MA with his wife Jessica and their 3 children. He has quickly become a subject matter expert on Greater Boston’s residential and commercial multi-family markets. Prior to working full-time in real estate he was an established business leader with 15 years of leadership and project management experience in fast-paced and highly-complex business environments. He has managed large teams and multi-million dollar budgets at some of Boston’s fastest growing companies including athenahealth and Wayfair. In 2020 he elected to step away from corporate IT and pursue his long-time passion of real estate full-time.

Matthew Perimian

Acquisitions Lead / Principal Owner

Matthew is a principal member of Millennium Holding Group LLC (MHG) and is involved in acquisition, stabilization, and management of future and current assets for the group. Matthew has successfully stabilized over 100 multifamily units in the Massachusetts area for himself and clients over the last 3 years. Matthew is a full time real estate professional and enjoys consulting with clients on the purchase, stabilization and sale of multifamily real estate assets across the Massachusetts area and has done so for over 6 years. Matthew is currently a general partner on a 132 unit syndication deal in Lowell Massachusetts that is currently in the process of stabilization and has been exceeding expectations.

Matthew currently lives in North Andover and has been an Andover/North Andover resident his entire life. When Mathew is not working he likes to spend his time outdoors and helping support veterans in the community through various charities such as Swim with a Mission and the Warrior Health Foundation.

Nathan/Danielle Gianino

Operations / Principle Owners

Nate and Danielle are principal members of Millennium Holding Group LLC (MHG) and are directly involved in the stabilization and ongoing management of our current and future holdings.  Nate is a seasoned customer service and sales leader in the healthcare informatics sector, managing strategic business relationships with national healthcare organizations.  Danielle is an operations leader with experience driving go-to-market strategies for a premier brokerage firm in the energy industry.    Their combined 30+ years of experience in corporate environments prepared them for their roles as strategic business partners on a large-scale multifamily acquisition and syndication in 2021.

Nate and Danielle live in Woburn, MA with their 3 young children and together, they own and operate multiple investment properties across southern New Hampshire.